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Live Coding

No need to create a class with public static main method. All this is done on background by JavaPoint. This way we can focus on what is important in our presentations.

HTML slides

Slides are created by using HTML. That gives the most flexible way without any limits.

Linking output with println

When it is possible to determine, JavaPoint links System.out.println with output. This way the audience can immediately see the code that has printed a line.

How It Works

Quick guide.

  • Open Directory

    Cmd + O

    The presentation consists from Java codes and HTML slides that are stored in single directory.

  • New Script Slide

    Cmd + N

    Start coding your examples.

  • Execute Script Slide

    Cmd + Enter

    Execute code whenever needed. Result is printed on the right side of the screen.

  • New HTML Slide

    Cmd + Alt + N

    Edit HTMl code on the left side and see it visually on right side.

  • New HTML Slide

    Cmd + P

    Start presentation mode.


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